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We at Friendly Births understand that every pregnant woman desires a pain-free delivery. Most women experience fear of pregnancy which further increases problems. BirthLight Yoga is a beneficial way to overcome pain as well as fear in pregnancy. BirthLight Yoga can help women get through their pregnancy with minimal discomfort. It also helps the birth and post-delivery stages. Don't worry, we will not be asking you to do anything like back flips or get you into a triple lotus. Our yoga program is designed to help you get ready, so that when the time comes you will have a great birth with not too much discomfort . Here are some other benefits yoga has to offer during pregnancy, you may not be aware of:

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  • Yoga can help lower blood pressure.

  • Many yoga participants report sleeping better.

  • Yoga can help improve digestion.

  • Yoga is ideal for strengthening muscles and joints ina safe and non-impacting manner.

  • Yoga helps improve flexibility and promotes circulation throughout the body.

  • Yoga helps the body expel toxins

  • Yoga is ideal for reducing anxiety and stress

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Through our BirthLight Yoga program you will achieve

Preparing yourself for pregnancy

Meditation which is part of yoga is helpful for development of a favourable mindset. It helps you to develop a positive attitude for coping with the fear of pregnancy. It balances mind as well as the body making it ready for pregnancy and childbirth. It helps build up lots of patience and courage which is necessary for dealing with a new baby. The breath control during yoga helps to provide more oxygen to the baby in the womb. It helps to cope with stress and other health concerns during pregnancy.

Essential BirthLight pregnancy yoga includes

1. Breathing fully during pregnancy

2. Breathing techniques to alleviate stress, fear, anxiety and sleeplessness

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3. Posture and spinal alignment and adjustment during pregnancy

4. Pelvic floor awareness and strengthening during pregnancy

5. Relieving common ailments during pregnancy: Backache, Pelvic pain/inflammation, Sciatica, Nausea, swollen joints, restless legs etc (this will be tailored to suit individual needs ).

6. Adapting to the changing needs of your body during pregnancy

7. Nada yoga: using sound to connect to your baby and emotions.

8. Deep relaxation: the art of it!