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The fluid element of warm water is a supporting birthing field which allows the mother to attune to the primal rhythm of life as she is engaged in the timeless art of childbirth (Birth as we know it- DVD E.Tonetti)

We at FriendlyBirths would like you to think about having a water birth.

What is a water birth?

The act of giving birth in water is so incredibly simple. A mother submerges herself in warm, body temperature water during her labour. If she feels like giving birth in that warm buoyant state, there is no need to ask her to leave the water.

What about the baby ?

The baby has grown in a fluid environment for the past 9 months. Babies adjust very well to being born in a birth pool. Water birth is miraculous.

Benefits of Water Birth

Better relaxation: Water aids in relaxation. There is a reason that many women enjoy a long, relaxing soak in the tub after a long day. As you relax in the warmth of the water, your cares seem to melt away.

Relaxation is very important during labour. When the mother is tense, the tension can actually slow the progress of labour. Relaxing through the contractions is much more effective. Pain relief: Women report that the pain is greatly reduced when they labor and deliver in the water. Some experienced mothers report that the water was nearly as effective as medicinal pain relievers or epidurals. Water works by blocking the pain impulses in the nerves of the body. Water is an effective alternative to pain medications for women wanting a drug free birth.