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"Midwifery is ecologically attuned, involving the wise utilization of resources and respect for the balance of nature." (E. Davis)

A professional

First and foremost midwives are professionals. This means they are there to make sure that you will have the best birth you can. The art of midwifery is thousands of years old. Today's midwife spends 6 years training just to be able to do the job. They study for 4 years at school, learning and training. They spend all that time just to get an understanding of pregnancy from start to finish and beyond. After, they will spend at least 2 years on the job training. Most doctors don't devote that amount of time on birthing alone. With all that training and education you can be sure that you are in good hands.

A good professional midwife will work as hard as she can to bring out the best outcome for you. This comes by doing her job, while building up a rewarding relationship with you. The midwife will explain what options there are and you will come to an understanding of how you want to give birth. She will know ways how to help you get the best out of yourself and give you the strength to breakthrough to the powerful woman you know you are.

A coach

If you were to enter the Olympic Games and compete in any of the sports, then it would be a good idea to get an experienced coach by your side. Like any good coach, the midwife knows what you need so you can achieve your goals .With her help, you will be mentally and physically at your peak by the time you give birth. With a good midwife by your side, you won't have to panic, get stressed out or even get any cuts and in need of stitches. That is because she will train and guide you on how to use your body to deliver your baby in a gentle and loving way.

A guide

Having a baby can be seen very much like walking to a new country through a mountain chain. Ιt will go a lot better with a guide who knows the way. A good professional midwife knows the way. Midwives are trained to handle 98% of all problems that might come about. For the other 2%, they know where and how to get the help you need. Remember, it is their responsibility to be good professionals.